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We’re Laban and we want to cooperate with you in telling stories through carefully crafted pieces of content and design. Why? Here’s why.

High quality content, online and especially on social media, are probably one of the most important and meaningful ways of reaching and connecting with an audience. Why is it that it still seems to be inferior to some of the more traditional media.

From our point of view, a lot of people are trying to maintain the attention of their fans and followers by letting quantity overrule quality. The more, the better. The more, the merrier. We believe there’s a better way!


How’s that for an incendiary speech. Well, we actually believe that this is pretty much the state of things. And we’re keen on changing quantity being at the expense of quality.

We believe that content (and design for that matter) are bound to getting the amount of attention corresponding to the amount of time and effort put into it.

Everyone these days knows exactly (read; exactly) what an ad looks like. As does everyone know a carefully crafted piece of content, documentary or the like - from a sloppy, desperate call for attention.

Say you want to make serious coffee consumers aware of your brand new organic coffee roast (we like coffee). Instead of telling how much better your beans are from the second grade beans you pick up at the supermarket, why not show it instead. How they’re carefully grown, picked and packed. Or educate people on all the benefits of drinking coffee (amen). Or the history of coffee and the wide variety of bean types.

We want to cooperate with you in telling stories through carefully crafted pieces of content and design. We love playing with new technologies and are constantly trying to implement and utilize it into creating even better content and experiences. And we don’t make solutions by the metre. You are truly special. As are your stories.

Yours sincerely,


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