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Telling meaningful
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What do we mean by meaningful?

We live for telling meaningful stories in close collaboration with our cool clients and collaborators. That means telling stories that has actual value. For people, for the planet and for the future. Sometimes we initiate projects ourselves, when we identify a story that needs telling. A more recent example of that, is our interactive short film on the fashion industry called "I en tynd tråd" (Hanging by a thread). It has just launched in Denmark.

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What are we exactly?
Besides idealistic.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? A production company maybe? Perhaps a creative agency? Laban is right there in the sweet spot. We're a motley crew of talented people with backgrounds in TV and advertising. We believe that the world is desperately in need of meaningful and relevant stories, rather than an endless retargeting-limbo. As Hegarty puts it (rephrased): "Stalking is a bad way of building relations". True that.

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Latest at Laban

Our interactive film "I en tynd tråd" (Hanging by a thread) on the fashion industry is ready for takeoff. Read more and try the experience for yourself!

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Santa Claus always told us so. Who would have thought, that it's actually true.

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